Terms & Condition


(1) Benedato is a premium diamond dealing company to sell your diamonds or diamond jewelry. We provide visitors and users with access to this platform as described in this agreement.

  • Visitors : Visitors is a term that implies to those people who want to look around and see what our services are all about. Visitors can view publicly-accessible content, email us.
  • Users : Users can do all the things that visitors can do, and may also participate in our promotional offers, sign-up for alerts and notifications, post comments, reviews, pictures, and other content.
  • When using our app, visitors and users may elect to : Use of their mobile device geolocation information to provide our services, receive text messages.

(2) By accessing and using the platform, you represent and accept that:

  • (i) you are the actual owner of Benadato, or you are attempting to sell jewelry to Benadato.
  • (ii) you are acting on your behalf and not as the agent or any representative of any third party.

(3) Our community guidelines are like any other community. It functions best when the people abide by some simple rules. By accessing our platform, you agree to the following community guidelines:

  • (i) You will not use the platform for any suspicious activities
  • (ii) You will not use any misleading information
  • (iii) You will not use the website for conducting any type of market research

(4) The website contains graphics, softwares, audio, and video that are owned by us. The content is protected under the United States and foreign laws. Unauthorized use of content may violate copyright, trademark and other laws. You may not sell, trade, or modify the content or even publicly display the content or however, use the content for any commercial purpose.

(5) The trademark service and the logo of Benadato used on the platform are registered trademark services of Benadato. Nothing on the platform should be accessed by any visitor or any other license is not to be used without any prior written permissions.

(6) The platform is completely a US-based platform. We are not into any agreeable sectors whether the content may be viewed, downloaded or to be used outside the United States, you do that at your own risk. Whether you’re located inside or outside the United States, you are the solely responsible holder of the moral laws within your jurisdiction.